A Digital Marketer Specialized in Content Writing And SMM

More than 171 million Indonesian people are using the Internet. That's why your business presence on the Internet is a must. I, Ika Yunida Anggraini, a Google and Hubspot certified marketer, will help you to present the best of your business on the Internet.

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Content Development

Content is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Every digital marketing techniques need content to complete them. That's why content is king. I create content across multiple media to help you build brand awareness, improve the organic traffic and connect with your audience.

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Social Media Marketing

Your business doesn't matter if it's a small or big company, needs a social media presence. With more than three billion people using it every month, you can use the social platform to increase your brand awareness, engage with customers, boost your sales, and reach a wider audience.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising is important for the marketing mix strategy. It gives you numerous benefit including unique targeting capabilities, cost-effective and measurable campaigns. I create ads in multiple formats across multiple platforms and target people who need your services.

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Influencer Marketing

With the growth of social media, working with an influencer is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. An influencer has a large audience who trusts them and engages regularly with their content. I can make a mutually beneficial collaboration campaign with the right influencer to boost your brand awareness and sales.

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